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SAP Software Training And Certification

SAP Software Training And Certification – SAP or Systems, Applications, & Products in Data Processing, is a world-wide recognized business software that is used in varied operations. The most applications of SAP software are human resource software administration, business training, and database management. Different modules of SAP have been integrated with various business management. Therefore, there is a huge demand for SAP-trained professionals. So, if you are seeking complete information regarding SAP software training and certification in Canada, then you came to the right place. 

Here at CanSAP, we provide comprehensive training & certification in SAP HANA, Fi/Co, SAP MM, and SAP SuccessFactors. Our highly trained instructor conducts sessions in small batches to keep the quality of teaching utmost priority. Also, CanSAP does provide online SAP courses at the most affordable price. Not only that, you will get to enjoy freebies for the rest of your lives after associating with CanSAP. So, why wait for longer? Contact CanSAP to know more about our SAP courses, training, and certifications for all levels in Canada. 

Why has SAP become Important For Career Prospects?

SAP  Software entered the market in 1972, developed by IBM employees in Germany. Over the course of time, SAP went through various transitions and now, it has been an integral part of effectively operating companies across the globe. Its flexibility to adapt to evolving technology makes SAP an invincible player. Also, SAP has a great scope and its applications have been utilised across the departments for making database management centralised. Whether it is a small-scale company or a global multinational company, SAP provides the best enterprise solutions. So, the main highlights of SAP are-

  1. Global Presence
  2. Unlimited Applications 
  3. Flexible
  4. Need an Expert to handle complex tasks 
  5. Increase efficiency and productivity 

Therefore, there is a significant rise in demand for fully-trained SAP professionals across the department. So, whether you are taking the first step towards career building or want to excel in your current company, investing your time & money in learning SAP software is totally worth it. 

What Are The Different Types Of SAP Modules?

SAP Modules can be categorised into two main modules- 

Functional Modules – There are different modules that come with pre-defined functionalities. Firms that deal in operations related to customer service, supply chain, sales, distributions, supply chain, etc. These can use functional modules. Here is the list of functional SAP modules available-

  • SAP Human Resources (HR)
  • SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
  • SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Materials Management (MM)
  • SAP Product Planning (PP)
  • SAP Supply and Distribution (SD)
  • SAP Quality Management (QM)

Technical Modules – Rather than focusing on functionality, Technical modules are based on customization. The technical modules provide SAP modules based on troubleshooting, and application development based on the user requirements. Here is the list of technical modules available- 

  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming
  • SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integration Software)
  • SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)

Who Can Take Online SAP Course In Canada?

SAP is a worldwide recognised ERP solution that offers high paid jobs for SAP-certified Simply, anyone can take an SAP course whether you are a working professional or seeking a career opportunity as an SAP consultant. However, we would highly recommend the following career enthusiasts to enrol in SAP software training and certification in Canada. 

  • Human Resources
  • Project Managers
  • Aspiring professionals 
  • ERP Specialist
  • IT Professionals
  • Network Specialist
  • Business Administrators
  • Business Analyst

So, if you want to excel in any of these jobs, then you must take the SAP course. 

Eligibility For Enrolling In A SAP Certification Course 

Generally, the eligibility criteria for enrolling is only graduation. Taking admission in an SAP course at CanSAP does not require any prior IT  experience or any other specific qualification. However, if you are confused about choosing a functional or technical module, then we are here to assist you. Then, having an experience in programming and IT for technical modules is a plus whereas for enrolling in a functional module, having similar academic background is an advantage. However, if you have any doubts regarding the eligibility or facing a dilemma while choosing the module, let CanSAP’s consultant assist you!

SAP Software Training And Certification At CanSAP

CanSAP is the top-notch SAP training college in Canada that offers online SAP courses at the best price. We specially designed our course to cover all the important aspects and focus on clearing the basic concepts. Also, CanSAP has a team of trainers who possess industrial training that makes sure every student understands the concept. Moreover, rather than focusing on the theoretical aspect, we provide experience in live projects to our students. Here, you will find the best training course for SAP s4 HANA MM, SAP S/4 HANA Fi/Co, SAP SuccessFactor, and SAP HCM. Apart from it, CanSAP prioritised placements and job assistance for life long. Therefore, without any second thoughts, CanSAP is the most preferred place by students for learning SAP software in Canada. 

Final Takeaway 

SAP is among the most preferred and demanded skills right now. Many leading companies are hiring SAP professionals having hands-on experience with live projects. Not only that, SAP offers a high paid salary with secure job opportunities for the future. At last, this was all about the best online SAP Software Training and Certification in Canada. For further queries, feel free to reach out to the best SAP training institute in Ontario – CanSAP today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What is the cost of SAP training & certification in Canada?

Answer – The average cost of doing SAP training & certification in Canada is about CAD 500 to CAD 6500

Question – What is the salary after completing a SAP Course in Canada?

Answer – The average salary after completing the SAP course is $49,738 per year.

Question – What makes CanSAP unique?

Answer – Our students enjoy lifetime free updated SAP software anywhere in the world, lifetime free-of-cost job assistance, free study material, and so much more. 

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